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Whole Life Coaching

The Best you, in the Best place

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The Journey of Whole Life Coaching

Whole Life Coaching has been inviting and accompanying men on their personal journeys since 1986. Their clients include  business owners, professional athletes, missionaries, special operators, and headline entertainers. Our team has walked and worked with men globally, impacting people and cultures around the world, from orphans in Asia, to Athletes in America. Committed to building servant leaders in visionary decision-making and opportunity recognition, Whole Life Coaching is honored to help countless clients experience their best life.

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The who, where, and why...

The questions you should be asking about Whole LiFE Coaching ...

THIS IS MY BEST LIFE. Honestly! This right here. The opportunity to share in the unfolding of other's journeys is as priceless to me as any achievement I can imagine. I never purposed this life; I never set out to make it happen. I find life giving me opportunity to be revealed. This way of living is at the core of the invitations I, and the team, build upon, with personal development, best practices, organizational intuition, and x-ray vision (situational awareness) training.


Tien Shan

Life in the USSR

"The mountains don't care." If you've ventured over some 14ers, you have probably seen these signs of warning before you became a walking lighting rod above the treeline... but life without risk, choices that cost nothing, reveal nothing; nothing about you, and nothing about God. The mountains are a glorious place to experience risk and fragility, and one of our favorite places to experience revelation. 14 years in Kazakhstan and other central asian countries was a wonderful place to marinade and learn the ways of the nomad. Some of my greatest relationships happened while building an Investment banking firm, and marketing and distributing an egyptian soap opera.  


Marry UP (or don't even bother)

Husbands, love your wives...

Our team starts with THE team, of 30 years, but who's counting. We dated for 4 days in Germany, had our first kiss on a bridge over the Rhine, bought a ring and  got engaged in Amsterdam on day five. I must have missed the memo that said I was supposed to ask permission from my missionary organization before making big life decisions, so they demoted me (which ended up being a huge kindness). We were told it wouldn't work. Did it anyway. Now, we love doing premarital counseling together! Religious people mean well, but most often they just get in the way of others having too much fun.


Men need Purpose

This world needs those men

"If you you want some input on living, I suggest you start by talking to someone who has really lived."

"Whatever you do, wherever you do it, take someone with you. Don't do life alone!"

"Every man has a battle you know nothing about; so be kind, always be kind."

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Our good Friends

What People Are Saying

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Client 8


Life Rescue

"Whole Life Coaching walked with me through a destructive and painful divorce. They helped keep me grounded, focused, and moving forward during one of the most emotionally painful and scarring events of my life. Thank you Jeff!"

Client 2


Professional Guidance

"As an entertainer, and speaking from personal experience, being mentored by a coach at Whole Life Coaching has not only been life changing, it continues to help provide guidance both personally and professionally."

Client 3


Lasting Impact

"Coaching at WLC approaches lives with quiet and accepting hearts, that easily invites the honest seeker into revealing conversations about themselves, and their unique purpose, and how they relate to and work with others."

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THIS recreational facility, Magnolia Gardens, serves our military men and women, and their families... 

  • Meet us. Discuss Client Assessment Worksheet. Dive right in, risk free

    1 hr
  • Individually designed for your unique situation, challenges and goals.

    15 hr
  • Multiple sessions of Couples Relationship Coaching. 12hr.s

    12 hr
  • ready, set, let's gorilla. Commit to 10 hr.s of one on one coaching!

    5 hr
  • Sometimes, nothing works better than a sit down, face to face.

    15 hr
    5,000 US dollars
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