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Dang it!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

On my desk at my first reeeeeal employment were two xeroxed cartoons (short meme graphic novels). The first one said "Doing a good job here is like peeing yourself in a navy blue suit; you get a nice warm feeling, but nobody notices." the other said "It's hard to get ahead when it takes ten "at-a-boys," to make up for every one "oh shit!"

It's funny... when I think back, I don't even think that was true of my workplace or boss, it was just my expectation of life and god, distilled into my work experience (even before Dilbert). I was a pretty good worker, but my attitude coupled with my winning personality, was quickly becoming like the morning office coffee... too long on the burner.

Own it

We are working with a lot of people, stuck people, who are good workers, but can't seem to get out of their own way (or at least our way). Then we come along with training, procedures, priorities... in short, hammer solutions to screwdriver problems.

If we will admit that our answers, while correct and even valuable, don't align with the real questions those around us are asking, we can start spending valuable time and energy over the primary target, the heart.

Servant Leadership starts with caring for the whole person, and serving them with a 360 view of of their life. A 24/7/365 servant leader is what creates the elusive corporate culture that seems more like family than a paycheck. (And yes, This should scare the crap out of you.)

The Buy-in

It starts with you. Absolutely no way around it. The first domino that needs to fall is right there in the lead man's heart (thanks Ted Lasso). Before anyone can love, they must be loved. Without that, to be honest, we're faking it. We are afraid and running low on resources... and our love is something more about us than the sacrifice of self for others. It's true in marriage, family, business, sales, sports, ministry, everywhere that requires heart.

It was me!

You need others. It's not all about you. You can't fix everything. You can be petty. Whatever it is, whatever your thorn, own it ... boast in it... expose it. When you choose to bring it, kicking and dragging, into the light, it will loose all its power. It doesn't matter what it is, but somewhere in you, you think it defines you. You hide it in the dark, and that's where it grows, like a mold, in the cold, dark damp. Alone.

The Invitation

Don't try this at home. Well, you can, but it might be helpful to start with some training wheels. Having a person who 1) knows how to deal with your heart honestly, and 2) will walk with you in absolute integrity. That's what we are here for. We would love to show you what this looks like. It would be our honor.

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