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No greater love has one man for another, than he lay down his life for his brother (JTBV). LOve your neighbor as yourself... but who is my neighbor? It really is more fun to give than receive, but I'm pretty sure the ggod book says somewhere that Love is a fruit, and after trying, trying, trying I'm pretty sure the preachers are full of massive quantities of fertilizer! I think we all know the world would be better if the billions of christians actually lived (if they could) the works taught and lived by the master. You have to imagine carrying all that failure and guilt makes all that sunday morning aisle walking a crowded pilgrimage.

Can't even count how many weddings I've heard preachers prescribed Corinthians 13 to couples at the altar (sacrificial?). We know how many of those are crash and burn... and if you add in unhappy, struggling marriages you have to be in the 80 percentile of failure.

THE GREAT NEWS IS THIS.... nobody asked you to love your neighbor, give till it hurts, be a promise keeper, keep the TEN COMMANDMENTS, be good for goodness sake!

On the contrary, you were asked only to do one thing... this is works of God, believe on Him whom he has sent (JTBV).

Love? LOVE?? LOVE!? God is love, he's the the one 1st COR 13 YOU. This is how it's supposed to be. You being loved... not a sin considered. You being loved in gentleness and kindness. You being loved without expectation without jealousy. You being loved perfectly, infinitely, eternally... never wronged, always considered first, even when (not if) you completely betray the one loving you to the point of death.

The Churchianity has left that love and Lover, and gone back to the pimp that abuses and hates her. She is accustomed to the whip of the law, painful but familiar. Her teachers have all the right answers to all the wrong questions.

If you want a "good" club, go to sunday service. If you want to be known and be loved, there is nowhere you need to go, because he is everywhere all the time.

Sorry if I offended. Hope to meet you in the beloved!

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