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There is an evolutionary jump of the human species . . . flying men . . . spontaneous regeneration . . . Healing . . . prophecy . . . causality loops . . . Immortality. Sounds way too mystical or sci-fi to have much of a mainstream following; WRONG! The show tapped into something that had worldwide appeal. But what if there were something deeper . . . deeper than just special effects, Hollywood glitz, sex and violence?


What if this stirring in the hearts of mankind is the waking of a new species; A new race of beings set free from the bonds that have plagued us, haunted us, from the beginning.

Have you ever thought . . . "I was meant for more than this?" YOU ARE, and somewhere deep inside YOU KNOW IT! It is like a dream, like a distant melody that haunts your reality, or as Morpheus put it, "like a splinter in your mind." Now consider that it may be the other way around? The reality is what you are waking up too, not where you are right now. Our consciousness, this world, is the dream state, that seeks to keep us from the realization of who we are truly to be or are becoming; To be real.

Parable after parable are coming to us in these last days, speaking to those deep places in our hearts before the transformation occurs.

And somehow, we have a choice. We either run to it or we run away from it, and this choosing plays into our identity, who we truly are as beings.

We are being Called, Awakened, Wooed by something or someone greater than us, who can see who we are and who we are to be. But the choice still looms, as long as there is life and breath in us, we have choice. The suitor pursues our heart, but he will never overrule our most precious choice, to be loved and to love in return.

We are to be Heroes!

Will you choose?

Will you rise?

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